I bought two tickets on the Regal website for a movie and they charged a $3.00 processing fee. Why!

This is their website, I am doing all the work, and they are saving money by not having to hire an employee to sell me a ticket in person at the theater. It is easier for Regal to do business this way. They don't charge a $3.00 processing fee for buying tickets at the theater, but when I'm saving them time and their expense they make me pay $3.00. This is simply raping the customer.

I can understand paying the same $3.00 fee when buying a Regal ticket on Fandango.com because Fandango needs to get paid for their service, but it is BS when buying a ticket directly on Regal's own website.

Do you pay a $3.00 processing fee to buy something on Amazon? I don't think so!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Regal Cinemas Movie Ticket.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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they offer a free $10 concession card with $50 ecard ticket purchase -then when you log into their app to redeem, you are hit with processing fee. That fee will happen every time you redeem, so you better cash it in all at once!

If you DON'T log in and reserve a seat, you can arrive at theater and there will be no available seats … or you and your companion(s) can be scattered in various seats wherever. NOT AGAIN


This fee with Regal is garbage. I should not have to pay a fee to use THEIR website to buy THEIR tickets. I will not be going to regal again any time soon.


I went to buy tickets and cancelled our purchase because of the fee. Not paying that ridiculous fee!


Same. I’ll watch movies at home


I fully agree about the processing fee. We just started using the AMC app and seeing movies there instead because they charge so much less than Regal and they have the "Stubs-A" membership to see 3 movies a week for a 20$ a month fee. Switch if you want to dave a lot of money!




thats why i love AMC, they don't charge me a fee, REGAL SUCKS


Just left Regal website cart. They won’t let you use a gift card on the app.

Had to fumble through their bad website which has no menu link to buy tickets you have to go through lists of movies to get that option. Put in my crazy long gift card number then it says I have to pay a three dollar fee.

No way. Kiss my *** Regal


Agreed! Amusement parks and aquariums, along with other theater chains let your purchase and print your tickets at home.

That saves THEM the time and expense of having an employee do that work, and in the case of printing the tickets, it also saves them the resources (ink, paper, electricity).

So yes, why the heck do I have to pay a fee to save them money. In fact, they should offer discounts for those who purchase and pre-print their tickets!


Amen... couldn't have said it better myself!


I get where you're coming from but pretty much every movie chain farms out the online ordering to companies like Fandango - which you've already admitted that you understand paying a fee for. AMC and Cinemark charge the fee too but if you're a member of one of their clubs, they "waive" it.

That's where Regal is actually missing the boat because they don't offer a way to avoid the fee - other than buying the ticket in person which, as you pointed out, seems counter-intuitive to the consumer.

Long story short though, just because you're buying the ticket on Regal's site doesn't mean you're actually buying the ticket directly from Regal. It really just LOOKS that way.


AMC doesn’t charge a fee. I’ll watch my movies there. Good bye Regal.


They can go stick that fee where the sun doesn't shine. Unbelievable.


I completely agree!!! I just paid one whole ticket’s worth of service fees when I bought movie tickets for my whole family, it’s a total scam


Hey Anonymous, why must all online ticket sellers have a processing fee? You seem to be quite "in the know" and why are you going with Anonymous.


Because of already existing, legally enforceable contracts, like I said. Do I know why Fandango was able to get that in?

No, I don’t. For the record, I wish it weren’t there, as well, but that’s how it is right now.


I just left the Regal website. No way will I pay a surcharge to buy in advance.

I was expecting a discount. So I will simply watch the movie somewhere else.


Second that! Won't pay an extra $3.00 to use my own time - especially when navigating their poorly-made website. So tired of all of these extra "hidden fees" that seem to fly these days.


This is ridiculous. It's the computer doing the job and I am printing my confirmation.

Why is this $3.00 processing fee. Rather go somewhere else and watch the movie.


I just got charged a stupid processing fee too, hate this place!!! Really a $3 processing fee and I'm over here struggling trying to order a stupid movie ticket

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