I bought two tickets on the Regal website for a movie and they charged a $3.00 processing fee. Why!

This is their website, I am doing all the work, and they are saving money by not having to hire an employee to sell me a ticket in person at the theater. It is easier for Regal to do business this way. They don't charge a $3.00 processing fee for buying tickets at the theater, but when I'm saving them time and their expense they make me pay $3.00. This is simply raping the customer.

I can understand paying the same $3.00 fee when buying a Regal ticket on Fandango.com because Fandango needs to get paid for their service, but it is BS when buying a ticket directly on Regal's own website.

Do you pay a $3.00 processing fee to buy something on Amazon? I don't think so!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Regal Cinemas Movie Ticket.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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agree completely, stop profiting from the actual ticket sales.


Regal has made all seating reserved so now the lines to purchase tickets take 3 or 4 times longer, but if you purchase tickets on line on its site or with an App they charge ($3) what equates to be about a 25% fee on a ticket. One more reason more and more people are skipping the theater and waiting the couple of months to watch it at home.


I feel exactly the same way, plus irritation that it is sneaked in at the last moment!


I agree


Not happy at all...joined Regal Crown Club on my iPhone, and they charge a $1.61 fee on one ticket! Nothing convenient about that.

When waiting on line, and it takes forever, and the booth people ask you to repeat everything, perhaps there should be an INconvenience fee. Just annoyed.


Agree the fee should be waived


I have stopped purchasing through the app and in fact I’ve started going to Starlight Theaters


Agreed - Regal has lost a customer. I simply won't even go to their theaters because of their greed. Vote with your feet.


I feel like the other people writing a review of a $3 fee to by tickets from Regal online: IT IS A RIP OFF because they do not have to pay an employee at the theaters wage.


I am trying to find out why there is a booking fee.


They are now charging $4.00.


I totally agree. This is garbage.

I know I'm just stating what everyone knows, but this is just another way for those cheap... to get more money out of their customer's. As another user posted on April 11th stated: "No different than a credit card fee that most company's charge. It's basic.

Don't like it, don't go there." Excellent idea!!!

Regal Club Card, say hello to my scissors. There's an AMC right down the street.




They pay a fee when they allow you to purchase online most likely. Our company accepts online payments for our products and in order to get our bank to process the online payments we pay a fee.

No different than a credit card fee that most company's charge.

It's basic. Don't like it, don't go there.


They pay that fee at the theater or online regardless. There is no added cost for them yet they are sticking it to people who want to use their service.


They pay that fee regardless if you get the tickets at the theater or online. This is why people pirate movies, sneak in food, or just skip the whole scam completely.

Regal can kiss my butt. They will not get my money.


Maybe I'll just pirate the movies from now on and they can keep their booking fee. Bad business always starts with a moron in charge!


I completely agree! In fact, the fee has gone up to $4.50 which is insulting.

Given that most people pirate movies you would think that movie theaters would reward their patrons by offering the convenience of purchasing - without charge.

I am actually offended that the actual theatre would even think to charge me for giving them business!!! Unbelievable!!!




Exactly, why should we pay processing fee? what did they process additionally for buying tickets online?

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