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I bought two tickets on the Regal website for a movie and they charged a $3.00 processing fee. Why!

This is their website, I am doing all the work, and they are saving money by not having to hire an employee to sell me a ticket in person at the theater. It is easier for Regal to do business this way. They don't charge a $3.00 processing fee for buying tickets at the theater, but when I'm saving them time and their expense they make me pay $3.00. This is simply raping the customer.

I can understand paying the same $3.00 fee when buying a Regal ticket on because Fandango needs to get paid for their service, but it is BS when buying a ticket directly on Regal's own website.

Do you pay a $3.00 processing fee to buy something on Amazon? I don't think so!!!

Review about: Regal Cinemas Movie Ticket.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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They can go stick that fee where the sun doesn't shine. Unbelievable.


I completely agree!!! I just paid one whole ticket’s worth of service fees when I bought movie tickets for my whole family, it’s a total scam


Hey Anonymous, why must all online ticket sellers have a processing fee? You seem to be quite "in the know" and why are you going with Anonymous.

to Robert #1511431

Because of already existing, legally enforceable contracts, like I said. Do I know why Fandango was able to get that in?

No, I don’t. For the record, I wish it weren’t there, as well, but that’s how it is right now.


I just left the Regal website. No way will I pay a surcharge to buy in advance.

I was expecting a discount. So I will simply watch the movie somewhere else.


Second that! Won't pay an extra $3.00 to use my own time - especially when navigating their poorly-made website. So tired of all of these extra "hidden fees" that seem to fly these days.


This is ridiculous. It's the computer doing the job and I am printing my confirmation.

Why is this $3.00 processing fee. Rather go somewhere else and watch the movie.


I just got charged a stupid processing fee too, hate this place!!! Really a $3 processing fee and I'm over here struggling trying to order a stupid movie ticket


100% agree, not only did they lose a sale today, but I will never buy a ticket as long as this policy is in place. Ever.

Principle. So, I'll just keep donning my eyepatch while cinemas wonder why they're losing.


By contract with other third-party companies like Fandango and, all online tickets (at least for Regal and probably other places like AMC) must have that fee regardless of their source. ATOM Tickets wanted to forego the fee entirely when they started selling Regal tickets, but contractual obligation forebade them to do so.

to Anonymous #1472422

So collusion and and unfair monopolist practices you say? Gotcha

to Ron #1498410

A monopoly would be if only one such company existed. There are four companies selling Regal tickets online. And you seem to be confusing “collusion” with “legally enforceable contract that Regal is not allowed to break without penalty.” Work on your definitions if you want your accusation to have any weight.

to Anonymous #1502572

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