I was at your BODO Boise cinema and you had two concession employees and a line of 25 customers and i was told i would need to get in line for a refill. This is very bad service that needs to be corrected.

A refill takes 30about seconds or less. I was in line for 15 minutes. Unacceptable. I missed too much of my movie.

You need a seperate line or policy if you offer refills for large size purchases.

Make the customer happy if you offer this service. Also a 100 word minimim complaint requirement needs to be looked into.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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What do you think you are some queen or something that you should not have to wait in line like everyone else. You think you are special? Also genius it is not Regal that requires this 100 word policy thing it is the website, get your facts straight before making a fool of yourself.


I have always found it funny that people who made a purchase an hour ago feel that they are special and no longer have to wait in line like everyone else. People have really become selfish with a heavy dose of entitlement.

"I am special because I spent $7.00 an hour ago, so I should not have to wait in line like some lowly peasant". Get over yourself. Like Anne said it is likely that someone called off or people were on break and the theater was hit with an unexpected burst of people.

But those are just excuses right? Those concession workers do not deserve to take a break until you get your refill; only then have they earned a break.


You need more than a gallon of soda for movie that is two hours long? Honestly when sharing we have had to refill that monster cup but if the line is too long I just go back in.

The movie is the purpose of the trip after all. Lines suck but nobody wants to keep their lines moving faster than Regal! Rake in that dough, please!! You have no clue maybe someone didn't show up for work, maybe someone was on a break...they do schedule those mid movies because obviously the lines are shorter.

I used to work there, not bad pretty easy except customers because nothing anyone does is good enough. You can't just go to the movies and be happy for two hours of your life.


Well wouldn't it be odd to have a separate line for refills to have only a few people come up to get them? The employee who would work on that register wouldn't be too busy then, wouldn't they?

That would lead to complaints from the employees regarding unfair work distribution amongst the workers. Giving customers the privilege to cut in line or be first in line for refills wouldn't be fair to others as well. Getting a refill is a privilege itself. Anything more is unnecessary...

Or just plain ***. What are you, king or something?


You are retarded, people who left comments here.... Have you ever gone to a movie?

Do you like to wait in line for 15 minutes for a $7 popcorn while your friends/family is watching the movie you paid $40 to bring em to?? LOL, and yes, When you buy a popcorn an hour ago, you are entitled to get a refill quickly and not wait in line.

*** people greatly upset me.


July 17 comment. You are pretty dumb though.

You think they are going to higher a person to stand at a refill "register" and do nothing but wait to refill popcorn? The same people working the normal register would also take care of the refill line genius.


Another spoiled four year old stuck inside an adult body that cannot wait their turn, if you cannot wait in line for a refill than stay and watch the movie, no one is forcing you to get the refill. Like the other poster said they are entitled to breaks just like you are(that is if you actually have a job and don't live in your parents basement).

If you cannot wait and don't want to miss the movie than you don't need a refill. GROW UP, you are not four years old any more.

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