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September 18 2007 purchased a 50 .00 gift card for my son's birthday. He went to use it and was denied entry.

Of course they could not (would not) tell him why but said that we needed to contact the number on the back of the card. I pay money now I must do work. And work on their schedule when they are ready. When it was convenient for them to finally answer the call , they told us that my debit card had been frozen and the funds had not went through.

I thought of this as odd as I probably would have been denied at the time of purchase. I also new that I had plenty of money in the account and continued to spend after the purchase with no issues. So after checking my statements (more work after paying someone money? Go figure....) I see that in fact the money on the date in question has been reduced from my account.

So with gift card; original receipt in hand as well as my bank statement I proceed to the original place of purchase.....A Regal theater. ( more work that I paid for) After being shuffled around I finally got a manager. Well he had the nameplate anyway. After explaining the situation and showing my proof he tells me that there is nothing he can do and that I need to call the number on the back of the card.

I explained to him that he needs to call the number. I paid you 50.00 and I shouldn't have to do anything at this point. I have already called they said they did not received funds. I am standing there with the proof.

He is a manager , then get to managing. He told me that he could not call. And that I was probably red flagged. So I am off to do yet more work.

This time when I call the number I surprisingly get through. After explaining that I am calling to find out why my card was not working, the whole situation got even worse. I gave my gift card number and then proceeded to get the third degree questioning. They would not directly address why my card was not working but instead proceeded with a feeble attempt at what felt like an investigation.

You know.......... like asking the same question over and over differently as accusing without directly accusing. So here I am paying someone money not only without services rendered, but also being told what I need to do by the people I gave money to. Now I am basically indirectly being called a thief.

Pot calling the kettle black. I was asked five times how I got this card. Answering all times that I paid for it. My question was why isn't my card working was never answered.

Diverted to switch it around on me. The answer could have been it was reported stolen. The answer could have been it was not issued .....anything . The questions were not directed as if someone was trying to help get to the bottom of an issue but rather offensive.

I told them that at this point I am though with your empty little theater and want my money back. ( The nicer version) then they just repeated that this call was being recorded for quality assurance. Good it needs to be. Broadcast it on a network for all I care.

Now I am given another number to call. More work. Does someone out there want to pay me money so I can give you instructions on what you need to do? It's a designed scheme as far as I am concerned.

Purposely every so often maybe at random , throw in one of these to scam people. Percentage of people give up fighting their designed runaround and they get free money. So far there are three people that won't be visiting a Regal because of it and it's only been two hours since the last incident. Seems not worth the trade off for the scam.

They are showing the film's anyway, should have corrected this and let us sit in on one . It's not like there is nowhere to sit .

Ha Ha. They are an embarrassment unto themselves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regal Cinemas Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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