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We are loyal customers. Went to movies like we usually do on Mondays.

Website lists open at 11am. Walked in door to have an employee rudely state, " we are not open yet. Leave"!

If they werent open why was door unlocked! On our way the see movie at Cinepolis.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Love my regal!! Love the reclining seats!!

Sorry to say but a website is NOT THE BUSINESS!!!! While I’m sure you think you’ve been maligned there is a reality you are ignoring in favor of playing the victim, the local theater DOES NOT have control over the website!!!!! So all you are doing is messing with a theater that spoke to you briskly. No crime has been committed and you are fishing for something free.

Get over yourself princess this is life. I myself just went to my local regal yesterday for the first showing of panther. They opened the doors 30 mins before the first show which happened to be 1230.

Since a lot of regal are in shopping centers so I spent time with my friends and family while we waited in the cold. Instead of being a buthurt little crybaby we made our own fun exploring the shops.


You are an absolute liar. No chance that happened.

What time was your movie? Box Office's open a half hour before the first movie. Some of you people try and show up an hour before expecting to get right in. If one single door out of all of them are unlocked, that's probably for workers and deliveries.

I can't tell you how many times people walk the entire length of the theatre entrance trying to open every door. Obviously the place isn't open. Go to that other theatre chain - no one gives a damn.

Trust me. No one.

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