Buyer beware Regal Unlimited.

You are locked in For 12 monthly payments, supposedly after that you can cancel.

I am on month 6.

The customer service is the worst!

There is really NO CUSTOMER SERVICE as you are forced to write a message within the Regal website under Contact us, and hope for

a timely and resolving response.

You can never actually speak with a live person in customer service as there is no phone number, only a corporate phone number.

Then you have to wait for a response which can take 1-3 days, only Monday thru Friday.

If you change your phone (I bought new iPhone) the Regal Unlimited app will not work. I had to write a message within the Regal website.

They responded 3 days later.

Meanwhile I am missing out on all the unlimited movies I can watch at Regal Cinemas.

Last week, I was forced to update the Regal App, forced meaning I could not login until the update was done.

Well, I still cannot login even after resetting my password. I contacted Regal customer service, via writing a message on their website, Contact Us Section.

Received a response from customer service, they also reset my password.

Well, I still cannot login to the Regal Unlimited app.

Best advise I can give do not start an Unlimited membership .

Save yourself the aggravation of dealing with lack of customer service, monthly payment for a service you may/or may not use and an App that has issues.

Simply buy movie tickets.



User's recommendation: Do not start a Regal Unlimited membership, Regal customer service is the worst!

Location: Miami, Florida

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