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Now at Regal Cinemas after you pay 12.00 plus dollars for just one movie ticket and another 15.00 plus for refreshments you do not even get to select your own seat!!! I am 58 years old and not a kindergartener!

I should be allowed to choose my own seat if I am paying for the ticket and the overpriced refreshments! Although the seats were comfortable I could not figure out how to lower the footstool to get out when the movie was over. I finally had to crawl out. These things are not senior friendly and there are no instructions anywhere on how to use them.

I will no longer be going to the movies if this is the only choice I have.

Regal Cinemas has managed to ruin the one affordable entertainment left to those of us who are seniors and not millionaires. I will now travel to the next town to go to the movies as they have a theatre there NOT owned by Regal where you can sit where you want to in chairs you can get out of!!!

Reason of review: no choice of seating.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: either go back to regular seating or have choices available to customers.

Regal Cinemas Pros: Food choices and friendly staff.

Regal Cinemas Cons: Not being able to choose where i sit and the new lounge seating.

Location: 3815 Green Hills Village Dr, Nashville, TN 37215, USA

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We couldn't have made these seats any easier to control. At 58 years old you should have the brainpower to figure out a few simple buttons.

Heck, just trial and error should be enough to figure it out in about 7 seconds.

Let's all get mad at Regal for adapting to the times and upgrading without thinking about the 58 year olds who are still upset that times aren't in newspapers and popcorn doesn't cost fifty cents. Makes sense.

Get a Netflix account and stay the *** home.


I have seen your snide, condescending posts being posted "representing" Regal and you know what? I'm this close to contacting the company and letting them know one of their low level grunts is on this site making nasty comments against customers.


I will sit anywhere I want, I like to see this monkey try to get me out of my seat @ regal punk employee.


You lower the footstool the same way you raised it, with the button on the side of the chair like any electronic recliner. As for the seating choice, a kindergartener could see the screen selection page when you were paying and act accordingly. Don't go insulting five-year-olds who are more capable than you.

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