Took my 12 yrs old to see in to the storm last sat, in the preview they had 3 ! trailers for r / nc 17 rated movies and all were horror movies,we all hate horror movies and it freaked us out,we went to an pg 13 movie why would they have scary stuff like that,not cool at all

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The movie theatre does not decide on what trailers a movie has. That is decided by the movie company that made the movie.

It comes already together.

It is digitally made already when the theatre gets it. Complain to the movie company where your complaint belongs, not to the theatre.


Studios pay for trailer placement, and so these lists must be followed. The guideline for ratings of future movies is one step above the feature currently playing, so rated-R horror movies are certainly fair game.

As for an NC-17 movie being advertised, are you certain it wasn't R?

No Regal theatre I've seen even gets NC-17 movies, much less advertises for them.

Even red band trailers are unheard of. And, again, the theatre should have followed a strict list that is checked weekly by third-party trailer checkers.

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