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My girlfriend and I tried purchasing tickets to Spider-Man 3 times online for the premiere however we didnt receive any tickets. We were still charged for those tickets.

Before the show I went to the theater and talked with the team lead about a refund and he assured me that if I didnt get an email I would be refunded. Having heard that I purchased two tickets again at the actual theater so that I would have tickets. After the showtime started I received the online tickets via email and was charged for them.

Because of this I went back to the theater to get a refund and Im not sure if that same team lead was having a bad day or what, but he said he couldnt get me a refund. I asked to see a manager and he claimed to be one and after I reminded him he was a team lead he snapped and yelled that they wouldnt do anything either and for me to get any sort of refund I would have to go through this process online with customer support.

Location: Islington, England

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