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On Christmas Eve I bought $100 worth of gift cards for myself and my family as gifts. On Christmas day we wanted to see a movie but it was sold out so we never used our gift cards.

A week later I went with my grandson to a movie and tried to use my gift card and they told me it had no value. They told me I need to call the 800 number on the back of the card. I did she told me the card was used on Christmas day and that made me mad because we did not use it.

The lady gave me another number to call but all I get is a message machine and no one returns my calls. UGH I'm pretty PISSED!

Monetary Loss: $10.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Same thing happened to my daughter. She got three $10 gift cards for her birthday from her grandmother and when she went to use them, the Regal Cinema movie theater told her there was no money on any of the three cards.

They gave her the same 800 number and no one answered the phone. $30 was spend on these cards and nothing came from it. What a rip-off! I think Regal is involved in this scam.

I will never buy one of their cards or go to one of their theaters. Shame on them for scamming a 75 year old woman and a 17 year old child.

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