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I am the child of a member of our military. My mother is retired and when we tried to get a military discount at our local theaters they said that it was only offered for active duty military.

This personally upsets me because it makes me feel as if Regal has neglected those members of our military who risked their lives so that people can have the freedom of going to a movie theater and that allow Regal itself to be able to show the movies that they wish. This discrimination against veterans and active duty members is honestly ridiculous. This tells me that Regal Cinemas does not care about those who served in our military giving us the freedoms that we have. It shows that Regal only considers active duty military to be military at all which is not the truth.

My mom and dad are both veterans. After 22 years of active duty service my mom deserves the option to be honored for her service and Regal does not show that they honor her service.

It tells me that Regal has basically thrown their service in the trash and claim that they never were "military" at all. If Regal Cinemas is going to offer a military discount then it needs to be offered to ALL members of the military; those who are active duty and those who are retired.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Regal Cinemas Pros: Movies offered, Location, Seats.

Regal Cinemas Cons: Discount policies.

Location: Springfield, Virginia

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You have an entitled attitude. This business is giving back to troops, which is better than most, and you have the nerve to complain?

Seriously, you are not entitled to any discount as a child if a veteran. An attitude of being grateful they give a discount to active service would be better than what you wrote here.


My local Regal theater (Hookset, NH) offers the military discount to veterans. I simply display my Drivers License which has a "VETERAN" endorsement and I get the military price.

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