I was gifted $10 in a booklet of movie dollars that has no expiration date on it, yet when I went into the theatre to use the gift they indicated that they do not accept this form any longer that I NEED TO CALL the 1(87*)835-**** number. As if it is my problem to deal with, one reason I will always recommend AMC to anyone and everyone from this day forward. I hope Edwards and Regal go out of business for the horrible customer service they provide despite the fact when I called and left a voicemail nobody returned my call. That is why I am on here informing you about them and how they show out and put on a front as if they care when they really could care less.


1 of 2 many pissed and lost customer(s)

Product or Service Mentioned: Regal Cinemas Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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Seriously -- those must have been purchased in 2000 and you're THIS upset 13 years after the fact?


Edwards Theaters was absorbed into Regal Entertainment Group. Edwards Theaters no longer exists as an independent corporate entity (the brand name is owned by REG) and as such any gift certificates or similar items associated with it will not be recognized as valid by REG.

The same goes for old Regal Cinemas gift certificates, and those for United Artists. In short, it sucks to be you because you have a gift certificate from a company that doesn't exist anymore.

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