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It's a complaint in regards to 9:20 showing of Black Widow 3D at the Court Street Theater in Brooklyn. I purchase a ticket as I got in the seating which I was supposed to sit in someone who had their feet up on the top back of a chair as I mentioned to the person if they want to keep their feet up there because I do have taken for the chair you know they said they're going to move it over to the seat next to.

Okay preview started tell me how do you speed up I wasn't happy about it but it wasn't on my chair after all and who am I I'm not security. After commencement of the trailers and such and the movie begin playing another couple walked in and sat to my left behind me after little bit the young lady put her foot up and this was after they had an extension conversation with the guy on my right because evidently the guy had the wrong chair and they had a discussion back and forth whether or not they were going to move excetera excetera after that commotion stopped then the guy with the telephone was trying to get some reception and was having a conversation with the girl behind me walking back and forth in front of me blocking the screen for sometime finally after about 6 time of discussion across the seat from front of me walking back and forth and with the girl he sat down the girl put a foot up again and constantly between the guy my right behind me and the girl in my left behind me with her smelly feet rocking chair constantly through the whole movie I have to sit up with a bad back you know I couldn't enjoy the movie I I don't think it was fair for me to have to buy a ticket and not able to enjoy the movie cuz I'm constantly looking back the show was going on behind me with the kick in the chair and the feed and a smell and everything it was ridiculous you have to do something about this site if we're going to tell people a ticket expect to have a good experience is not the living room you know they are inconsiderate you'll have to have something to be done in these theaters that people don't do this someone else we being made cuz it's like people have home train it but at this whole time I couldn't even enjoy the movie or see the movie properly I kept missing parts because I'm looking back you know case liew do feeling this thumping in my back in the back and I already have a bad back as it is American place in the management bed claims she couldn't do anything you know it was ridiculous was very pissed

User's recommendation: Recommend some more make an announcement that they screwed up in the back of the chair or be inconsiderate about others you know Movie experience.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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