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I bought seven tickets to a show that got cancelled. I can not seem to contact anyone at Regal Cinemas in Newington, NH.

I was given a number to call from the box office at the cinemas. The tickets were $15.00 each. I have left numerous voicemails with both my home and cell phone numbers and nobody from customer service is returning my calls. All I'd like is my money back as it doesn't belong to me.

It was for friends to go to this show together for Christmas. If you can help me retrieve the money owed me I would appreciate it.

Thank you! Sincerely, Paula Pero

Monetary Loss: $105.

Location: Epsom, New Hampshire

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If they will not refund call VISA or who ever and claim it as a theft.


Well if you bought it through a 3rd party such as fandango, then it isn't with regal. You may wish to pursue that through them.

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