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I lost my money $10 and i was there 2/16/18 from 7:30 till 9:30 and in the middle of the movie i went to go get a drink and lost my $10 after purchersing the drink wit the other money i had

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So what exactly are you upset with Regal about? You're mad at them because you lost your own money?

Is it Regal's job to make you a responsible person? No. You lost your own money like an idiot and that's what you get.

Probably walking around staring at your phone instead of paying attention to your surroundings. You deserve to lose your money for trying to blame a company for this.


Seconding this. Did you expect that another customer wouldn't see your bill and pick it up?

Sure, a few honest people might turn it into Lost and Found, but probably far more would just keep it. And, as with any store, Regal claims no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

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