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Regal 16 in Garden Grove, CA advertises that no outside food is allowed. Yet they let employees who are not working and going to watch a movie with their friends bring in outside food and drinks.

This is a double standard. I understand the employees who are working should be allowed to bring outside food in so they don't have to eat hot dogs and popcorn for lunch/dinner. But if you're not working and going to watch a movie like a regular customer, the off duty employee should be treated like a regular customer. Also, the employees friends and family should not be given this extra special treatment.

Movie theater concessions is expensive and everyone would like to bring their own, cheaper food, but are forced to follow the policy. Everyone attending a movie should follow the same policy.

I brought this to the manager's attention, but he didn't seem to care too much. I tried to write to the corporate office online, but it won't get past the "I am not a robot" thing even when I select all the correct images.

Review about: Regal Cinemas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Double standard for policy.

Preferred solution: Treat every movie goer equally. No double standards for outside food..

I liked: Reclining chairs.

I didn't like: Double standard for outside food policy.

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Gezzzzzz.......Is this all you can find to complain about? Lighten up.

Live. And. Let. Live.

Remind me never to serve you in a restaurant. I am pretty sure you would find something to complain about.


Obviously YOU have never worked in a movie theater or YOU would understand WHY they allow employees to bring in their own food. DOnt you realize what SLOBS you people are??

Exactly how much of a mess YOU make when YOU go to the movies?? An employee being allowed to bring in their own food, which they will clean up, is FAR different then the usual poo flingers that arrive as customers. You spill your sodas, you drop your candy, you spill popcorn everywhere. And NONE of you stop and clean up after yourselves.

So PLEASE tell us all HOW UNFAIR it is that the employees who have to clean up after you slovenly individuals get special treatment.

Maybe if YOU had to clean up after 300 people who cant even be bothered to patrol thier mess YOU would understand. But in the USUAL self entitled consumer way, its ALL unfair because it doesnt include YOU.


Really? You don't think employees of an establishment should get more perks than regular customers?

I hate to tell you, but they also get free movies when customers don't. Oh, is that not fair?

Maybe you should get a job at a theatre, and then you'll get those perks, too. Where do you work that you don't have any benefits or privilege over non-employees?

to Anonymous #1307965

A nursing home

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