Saw Elysium 30 minutes ago and my ears are still ringing. Decibel level throughout the trailers and the film was so loud it hurt my ears.

I Registered a complaint with the manager of the facility and he assured me that decibel level is in legal range. Though I have no proof other than my ringing ears, I doubt this sincerely.

In addition, a Metallica trailer shown during the trailers before the film was offensive in the extreme. The music was pumped to a ridiculous volume and the images -- including an image of a person being hanged -- were disgusting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regal Cinemas Facility.

Monetary Loss: $34.

Location: Redmond, Washington

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Elysium is rated PG-13 so the placement of the Metallica trailer was not inappropriate. The IMAX experience consists of enhanced (louder), and more realistic sound.

The purpose of IMAX is to give the viewer the feeling that they are a part of what is happening on screen.

Also keep in mind that while the sound may have been loud to you, it may have been acceptable for all of the other patrons. It is selfish to think that just because you felt the sound was loud, it should be adjusted to accommodate YOU, and not take the other paying customers into consideration.


A DecibelMeter will prove the complaint is justified and that your answer of being selfish is ridiculous and demeaning. 84 decibels is the norm.

Over 100 decibels is damaging to hearing. I just saw Aladdin and needed tissue in my ears.

As there is no industry standard for volumes, it is up to corporate and individual theatres to regulate volume. Who are you anonymous?

@david l Pva

Of course the theater was too loud. It's not selfish to think so either.

It is too loud. Due to hearing damaged by Meniere's Disease, a factory job and a 5 decade rock-n-roll experience, I can no longer attend concerts, movie theaters, bowling alleys, fly on planes, etc. It is my unfortunate lot in life but that's how it is. And lots of people participating in this too-loud scenario will suffer as we do in the not so distant future.

Who cares who a poster is or isn't ? What are you going to do, stalk him/her ?


You just sounded like a know it all so I thought the question might encourage self reflection on your part. My concern is children and their health. I am forwarding a complaint to the health department for action.


Elysium at Imax was way too loud, someone should take them to court.


Ditto for the loudness. Had to get my money back. Way too LOUD.

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