My children enjoyed a movie on New Years Night (1/1/22) Spider-Man. Prior to the movie ending they called me and informed me so that I could be on my way to pick them up.

I instructed them to stand on the side of the building away from the busy crowd and traffic. When the movie ended they did so while waiting for me to arrive. My son called me back twice to inform me that a lady kept forcing them to leave the premises because they have no ID. I advised my son to not leave the premises and stay where I instructed him to be.

When I arrived I attempted to speak with the lady who continued to harass my son and inquire if he did something wrong or what the issue was. She refused to speak to me or answer any questions and called for security on her radio and once Mike the security officer arrived he was instructed to handle me. I attempted to explain to Mike my issues I respectfully asked his name he told me Mike and when asked his last name he replied none of my *** business. I explained that I did not appreciate the way he spoke to me and the way he and her were handily the situation Mike proceeded to call me stupid and expressed thats why yall kids act the way they act I inquired about who yall was as I learned to understand he was talking about black people.

He continued to say how we drop our kids off to be baby sat, called me a *** and prior to that grabbed his taser and came towards me as if I was a threat. There are several

Videos of the incident from which my kids and their friends recorded. I advised them to not post on social media and that I would be contacting corporate to address the issue.

I would truly like to speak to someone regarding the issue before I decide to move forward with a law suit for being racially profiled and stereotypes. I have one video where Mike approached us aggressively and called me stupid

User's recommendation: If you are African American or Black this theater does not welcome you and a simple conversation could’ve been the result of another dead black person.

Location: Augusta, Georgia

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