Every time I go to Regal Atlantic Station, I asked customer service to make sure that closed captioned is working.. they just nod yes..

I dont think they actually check to make sure it is work. However, I got the glass closed captioned then go to movie to watch.. Sometime time the it works.. sometime it stops work in the middle of movie then came back on..

I missed important parts of the movie.. Even worse, they didnt work at ALL.. I had go back to customer service to get other one before the movie starts.. Managers seem dont give a *** about the problem with closed captioned..

Once the movie is over, I went back there to get the money back but just free tickets.. Do you know how many time I get free tickets? Too many times.. yet they dont fix the problem.

Seem that Regal doesnt care for deaf people.. I spent lot of money for the movies.. Will I go back there? *** NO!

I sent an email to Regal Headquarter... Guess what?

I havent heard anything from headquarter... they are too busy to make more money for themselves.

Reason of review: closed captioned doesnt work properly.

Regal Cinemas Cons: Customer service.

Location: 261 19th St NW #1250, Atlanta, GA 30363, USA

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