So instead of going to the packed beach to watch some fireworks myself (17 soon to be 18 in 2 months) and my friend (18) decided to go to Parkway mall Regal Cinema in El Cajon, California to see The Heat a rated R movie. The rather rude lady at the window demanded to see our ID i do not have a drivers licenses nor a state Id but i did have a school id which said 2012-13 school year and that i was graduated.

She refused to let me buy a ticket. I asked to speak to the manager and he to refused to accept the school id and the fact that i obviously do not look younger than my age. I explained that I have gotten into MANY rated R movies with my school id, and all this "manager" said was that he doesn't know how i was excepted in. I find this absolutely ridiculously that it is very obvious i am of age and was not able to see this movie.

I am ashamed of what this manager represents for this company, I am 100% disgusted with both of their attitudes.

I will not continue to got to Regal Cinema theaters for the lack of respect i received this evening. AMC theaters you have just gained a new loyal customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regal Cinemas Movie Ticket.

Location: San Diego, California

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What I find absolutely ridiculous is that you allegedly graduated but obviously have no grasp on grammar and the proper use of certain words. Also, how do you not have a state ID?

What happens if you get in a car accident and are unconscious? How are the paramedics or police supposed to know who to contact or who you are? While you may legally be an adult, your immaturity concerning being responsible enough to get legal identification proves that you were likely not mature enough to see the movie. Does your school ID have your age or birthday listed on it.

If it is similar to the majority of school ID's than it does not, so how does your school ID prove your age? Don't tell me your grade will prove your age because students have skipped grades or be held back. And to say that you obviously are of age is ridiculous. Are you telling me that if I lined of 10 people of various ages you would be able to accurately tell me all of their ages.

The odds are more likely that you will be incorrect on all 10.

Grow up and follow the rules like everyone else. If you do not want to follow the rules of the establishment than go somewhere else.


So tired of these whining children on this site! You are 17, get a grip!

You are upset because CLEARLY they should know your age?

That poor employee that makes min wage to deal with people like you deserve a lifetime of free movies at the theater! Throw your tantrums at home sweetie because the real world doesn't care about your entitlement issues!


Not to mention the fact that you spelled the word "discrimination" wrong. I get so annoyed with customers like you.

I don't work at regal, but I did used to work at another theater and people would get angry at me for following policy as well. Look, if you don't have an ID with a clear picture of you as well as the date of birth specified directly on the card, then we as employees would have no actual way of knowing how old you are. Some people look older or younger than their actual age. No ID, no admission.

It's your fault for not having one. Even a passport would work! Or military ID. School ID's don't have your DOB!

We follow the rules because we don't want to lose our jobs over getting caught letting people into an R rated film who could possibly be under age.

That's it. No hard feelings, okay?


So lets see, they have a clearly visible policy that states picture IDs are required & when you didn't provide one they followed policy & didn't sell you one? Yep sounds like discrimination to me!

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